Wintercamp Challenge

Compete across the world against other groups! Can you win the 2021 Wintercamp Challenge?

Every hour as part of Wintercamp TV we will release a number of challenges. You have got the following 60 minutes to upload evidence of you completing the challenge so it can be scored by our Wintercamp Team!

Wintercamp Challenge

Thank you so much for joining in with Wintercamp Challenge - your submissions and involvement were far greater compared to what we were expecting.

The leaderboard will be released shortly after Wintercamp has come to a close. We still had a large number of submissions to mark at the end of the event which is why we couldn't announce the winners live on Wintercamp TV as this space!

We have had a lot of questions and queries about what the challenges were and how you can use them within your programme. We're pleased to announce that you can now download all of the challenges and an equipment list below.

  • The activities and scoring system have been designed for groups and teams to work remotely or together if permitted.
  • Always remain aware of your surroundings and follow local COVID-19 advice, including the Hands / Face / Space / Ventilation guidance.
  • If you’re meeting online, check out the advice on using Zoom and other popular digital platforms and the guidance on being safe online.
  • To help others do activities safely over Zoom, check out the example risk assessments and remember to make sure those taking part understand any care that needs to be applied.

There are no prizes or rewards for participating in Wintercamp Challenge, it is an engagement based activity.

All registered teams will be emailed a participation certificate post event which they can complete and share with participants.