QSWP - Overwooded

60 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors

In teams of 4 to 6, you will have to work together to find the ingredients, prepare the recipes, keep the fire going, cook and serve a selection of Backwoods Cooking recipes to hungry Scouts in this interactive game!

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QSWP - Overwooded

60 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors
National Scout Active Support Unit

  • Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone
  • A way of speaking with your friends to play
  • The link with this activity

  1. Click on the QSWP Logo to play the game
  2. Your task is to use the items around the campsite to cook the recipes for the hungry Scouts
  3. You'll need to get out and prepare the ingredients, mix your recipes, build up and maintain your fire, cook the food and deliver it as requested
  4. The more you deliver and the faster you deliver it, the more points you score
  5. Don't forget to keep your campsite clean and organised and there's plenty of work for everyone, so you'd better be sure to be ready to work as a team!
  6. Movement: Use the cursor keys or the buttons on the screen to move your character around the campsite
  7. Interaction: Make sure you turn to face what you want to interact with
  8. Then use the interaction buttons on the side menu to interact
  9. Items: Some items can be picked up, which you can do by interacting with it or walking over an item if it's on the floor
  10. Your current item will appear on the right
  11. You can only hold one item at a time
  12. Cooking: Whether you're mixing, frying or firing, these actions take time - once you start the interaction you'll need to wait for it to complete before doing anything further
  13. Scoring: You gain points for every item of food delivered successfully and based on how long you take to deliver it
  14. Start missing orders and you'll lose point

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QSWP - Overwooded completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - Teamwork Challenge

Cub - Teamwork Challenge

Scout - Teamwork Challenge