The Woodland School - Natural Shelters

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors

Our friends at The Woodland School show us how to create a natural shelter

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The Woodland School - Natural Shelters

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors
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The Woodland School

  • 2x Y-Shaped Sticks
  • One long stick (ridge)
  • Multiple various sized sticks

  1. For full details please watch the associated video
  2. 2 y-shaped branches and one long stick
  3. Interlock the 2 y-shaped poles via the ‘y’ and then rest the long stick between them as the ridge of your shelter
  4. This gives the basic frame from your shelter
  5. Makes sure your ridge is as long as the person sleeping in it!
  6. Next, use varying lengths of sticks to create the walls of your shelter all the way down your ridge on both sides, space your sticks a hand width apart
  7. Create your lattices with smaller sticks horizontally down the frame to add strength and fill the gaps
  8. Now, build up the debris material (Leaves, more sticks etc ) to build a layer to flesh out the walls
  9. If you are staying in the shelter for more than one night you will need to check these layers and maintain them every day to avoid areas that may leak water in or let heat out
  10. Once you have built up multiple layers you will now have a shelter you can spend a night in!

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