The Woodland School - Tarp Shelter

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors

Our friends at The Woodland School show us how to create a shelter using a tarp

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The Woodland School - Tarp Shelter

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors
Wintercamp Supporter
The Woodland School

  • Tarp
  • Cord/rope/paracord (various lengths for ridge, prusiks and guys)
  • Karabiners
  • Peg

  1. For full details please watch the associated video
  2. Find your location and check the trees you will be using for any potential debris that may fall from above and slow check the ground for roots and sticks etc
  3. Once you are happy with your location you need to feed some cord through your tarp to create a ridge attached your cord to two trees with timber hitches
  4. Then attach some paracord to the length between trees with a prusik hitch to enable adjustments to the height/position of the ridge
  5. Attach your guy ropes to the corners and peg out like you would a tent
  6. If you have trekking poles you can use these to raise the front of your tarp, or alternatively find long enough sticks to use for this
  7. Other design options are the A-Frame tarp and the tent tarp
  8. The A-Frame tarp brings the tarp closer to the ground and provides more shelter
  9. The tent tarp enables doors and more privacy with your construction

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