Ink Monsters And Aliens

45 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors

How to make Ink Monsters and Aliens

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Ink Monsters And Aliens

45 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors

  • Ink
  • Plain Paper (printer paper is fine)
  • Straw
  • Pencil/ drawing pen
  • Black fine liner or pen
  • Googly eyes
  • Toothbrush
  • toothpicks

  1. Take your ink and, using the end of a spoon, toothbrush or toothpick, put drops of ink on your paper
  2. The ink dries quickly so you need to move fairly fast to create the required effect
  3. Take your straw, and blow the ink across the paper
  4. If it looks odd, don’t worry! You can work that into your drawing!
  5. Leave your ink to dry – if the ink is matte then it is dry, if it’s shiny leave a little longer
  6. Once the ink is dried, the fun starts and you can start drawing
  7. Look at the shape of your ink, can you see hair? Can you see an outline of a face or body? Move your paper around to see if you can see it from different perspectives
  8. Take your googly eyes, or eye, and place them where you think the head of your monster is
  9. Now take your pencil and get creative
  10. Draw the outline of your monster, alien or person – whatever you can see
  11. Once you are happy with your drawing you can take a black fine liner or black pen and trace over your drawing
  12. Now get colouring – use you colouring pencils to highlight certain aspects of your drawing – maybe a green tongue, a red waistcoat - the colour will draw attention to certain aspects of your picture
  13. Don’t forget to share your ink monsters on social media!

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Ink Monsters And Aliens completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - Creative

Cub - Artist

Explorer - Creative Arts

Scout - Artist