Rainbow In A Glass

60 Minutes | All | Indoors

Rainbow in a glass

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Rainbow In A Glass

60 Minutes | All | Indoors

  • Skittles
  • Water
  • A mug
  • 5 separate cups
  • A Tablespoon
  • A clear glass
  • A dropper, pipette (or calpol syringe)

  1. Separate the Skittles into the cups, in these amounts: 2 red, 4 orange, 6 yellow, 8 green, and 10 purple
  2. Heat a mug of water in the microwave for a minute and a half (or long enough that the water is hot, but not boiling)
  3. (Be careful removing the water from the microwave–it’s hot)
  4. Measure and pour two tablespoons of hot water into each cup, on top of the Skittles
  5. Stir each cup carefully so no water splashes out
  6. The cups need to be cool for the next part of the experiment, so leave them somewhere where they won’t get knocked over
  7. Stir them every ten minutes or so until the Skittles are dissolved and the water is room temperature
  8. Using the dropper, add the colored water from the five cups to the clear glass
  9. Start with purple, then add green, then yellow, orange, and red last
  10. Go slowly here, we don’t want the different layers to mix

  • Hot water, ask an adult to help if needed
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Rainbow In A Glass completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - Experiment

Cub - Scientist

Scout - Scientist

Explorer - Creative Arts