Snow Shelters

60 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors

Our friends at The Woodland School show us how to setup a tarp shelter in the snow or winter weather

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Snow Shelters

60 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors
Wintercamp Supporter
The Woodland School

  • ‘German bag’/Tarp
  • Groundsheet/Plastic Sheet
  • Trenching tool
  • Guy lines
  • Pegs

  1. For full details please watch the associated video
  2. The main function of this shelter is more of a wind break to protect the user from the winter conditions and wind around them
  3. Dig out area for your shelter with your trenching tool and construct a snow wall/bank around 3 sides of where you wish to construct your shelter
  4. Set up with wind coming from behind the shelter so as to not let the elements in the front door
  5. Peg your tarp down adequately, the wind may be strong so make sure you have enough points of contact to stop it blowing away
  6. Remember to pull your tarp fairly taught to allow for rain to roll off and also build it nice and low to the ground to let the wind roll over the top
  7. Use your trenching tool as a pole to raise the entrance to your shelter, or you can use walking poles to do this
  8. Placing a groundsheet inside is optional and can be done either before or after you put the tarp in place
  9. However, it does have insulating benefits as a lot of cold that you will feel will come up from the ground
  10. Once inside you want to make sure that although your tarp is low to aid in the weather the conditions it still need to be high enough to allow you to avoid contact with the tarp as this will allow moisture etc in through the material
  11. Note: When using metal tools such as the trenching tool in cold weather, wear gloves to protect your hands

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Snow Shelters completes requirements for the following badges

Scout - Survival Skills

Explorer - Survival Skills