RAF - Rocket Challenge

30 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors

Take part in the Rocket Challenge with our friends from the RAF

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RAF - Rocket Challenge

30 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors
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Royal Air Force

  • Cereal Box (or plain card)
  • Sellotape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Rolling Pin (or something else cylindrical)
  • Elastic Bands
  • Marker Pen
  • Pencil
  • Plain paper

  1. Cut one long edge of your box to open it up and flatten
  2. Cut out the two large panels and the spine as separate pieces
  3. Wrap the front piece around your rolling pin and tape it in to shape before removing from the rolling pin
  4. Mark a line 1cm in from the edge on the other large piece of card
  5. Also mark another line about 1 inch from the top of the piece of card
  6. Cut along the line that is 1cm from the edge
  7. Then roll into a cylinder and fix with your sellotape
  8. With a smaller piece of card, draw a base and fix to the bottom of the small tube to seal the bottom (opposite end to your end you marked with a line)
  9. Wrap the cereal box ‘spine’ around the middle of the larger tube and fix with sellotape
  10. Reinforce the launch tube with another long piece of card a wrap around the bottom edge and fix with sellotape
  11. At the top of the launch tube make two marks 2cm apart and repeat on the other side, then cut down them to make 4 slits
  12. Take your elastic bands and if required (due to being small) connect them to make them the length of your launch tube
  13. Attach the elastic band via the slits on one side and then repeat this on the other side too – secure with tape if needed
  14. Tape a pencil or pen to the ‘inner tube’ on to the solid base you made
  15. Insert the small tube into the large one and attach the elastic bands to the pencil
  16. You have now made the launcher!
  17. For the rocket you must first roll your A4 paper into a tight cylinder and tape to stop it unrolling
  18. Cut out some fins from paper and attach to the base of this cylinder
  19. Make a nose cone from some more paper and attach to the top of your rocket
  20. Now you are ready to launch your rocket!
  21. Place your rocket into the launcher, hold the reinforced base… pull back and FIRE!
  22. How far did it go? Do you get different results if you change the shape, size or materials of your rocket?

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RAF - Rocket Challenge completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - Builder

Cub - Artist

Scout - Model Maker

Staged - Air Activities