RAF - Hoopster Challenge

30 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors

Take part in the Hoopster Challenge with our friends from the RAF

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RAF - Hoopster Challenge

30 Minutes | Beavers,Cubs,Scouts | Indoors
Scout Supporter
Royal Air Force

  • Hoops printable (or draw your own on A4 paper following the instructions in the video)
  • 4 Paper straws
  • A4 piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

  1. From the printable cut out one long and one short piece
  2. Next, flatten both ends of all 4 straws
  3. Take the long strip of paper and line up one end of the straws with the greyed-out rectangles and tape in place
  4. Make the arrows on the long strip meet and tape at this point
  5. With the short strip connect and tape the arrows
  6. Connect the unattached end of the straws to this small hoop with the tape
  7. It is now ready to fly! Did it fly well? Watch the video to find out how and why this type of paper plane works!

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RAF - Hoopster Challenge completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - Builder

Cub - Artist

Scout - Model Maker

Staged - Air Activities