Victorinox - Wooden Whistle

45 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors

Our friend Felix at Victorinox shows us how to make a whitsle

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Victorinox - Wooden Whistle

45 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors
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  • Swiss Army Knife
  • 2cm piece of branch (3-4cm in diameter)

  1. Use the reamer on your knife to make a hole along the pith in the branch
  2. Use the wood saw on your knife and turn it in the hole to make it bigger
  3. Clean hole with edge of the reamer
  4. Split off part of the circle to get a 5mm gap in the top of the inner circle
  5. Pinch the two parts together
  6. Split the small part in line with the edge of the inner circle gap
  7. Now use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the two pieces together with a small gap in between… then blow!
  8. Congratulations you have made a signal whistle!!
  9. With another small piece of wood in a ball shape you can convert the signal whistle to a trill whistle if you would like too

  • Careful with the knife
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Victorinox - Wooden Whistle completes requirements for the following badges

Scout - Craft

Scout - Survival Skills

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