Bushscout - Shelter Building

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors

Learn to build a shelter with our friends at Bushscout

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Bushscout - Shelter Building

60 Minutes | All | Outdoors
National Scout Active Support Unit

  • Wood (branches of various sizes and shapes, including a few y-shaped ones)
  • Leaves

  1. For full details please watch the associated video
  2. Safety first! Check the area you are in to make sure you don’t come to any harm when staying in your shelter
  3. Remember to check above you, you don’t want anything to fall on you! Then check the floor, make sure you are not on an animals route or insects nest for instance
  4. Avoid brambles, stingers and other not very nice plants!
  5. What's the best location to pick? If you can find somewhere that offers you a bit of shelter already (and is safe) then make use of it! If not, remember your safety checks and take it from there!
  6. Construction… wood, wood and leaves! Y-shaped sticks will help support your shelter's entrance, find a nice long stick to make your ridge, various sticks to build your sides and lots of leaves will create lots of insulation and protection from the elements
  7. Tips and tricks…
  8. Use three y-shaped sticks to create a sturdy pyramid shape and then add a ridge for a really solid starting frame for your shelter
  9. Alternatively, with the sturdy pyramid shape, you could leave the front open and just insulate the back (see the video for more), then use a fire to help keep you warm
  10. Finally, you can build a group shelter that uses a fire to help keep everyone warm and best of all the techniques to do this are the same as the other shelter ideas above!
  11. Remember, safety first though when building any shelters!

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Bushscout - Shelter Building completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - My Adventure Challenge

Cub - Our Adventure Challenge

Scout - Survival Skills