Bushscout - Tent Peg

30 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors

Learn how to make a tent peg with our friends from Bushscout

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Bushscout - Tent Peg

30 Minutes | Scouts,Explorers | Outdoors
National Scout Active Support Unit

  • Wood
  • Large Saw
  • Folding saw
  • Tree stump (as a worktable)
  • Sharp knife

  1. For full details please watch the associated video
  2. Saw off a section of wood to a reasonable size and then split into eighths for a good-sized tent peg
  3. With a folding saw make a stop cut, this will form the notch for your guy ropes
  4. Band a sharp knife into your tree stump and use this to draw your ‘peg’ down to carve and shape it
  5. Always keep your fingers behind the blade of the sharp knife
  6. Change the way you are carving to make sure you get the shape towards the notch
  7. To finish, chamfer the edge, this will stop the peg splitting when you hit it with a mallet
  8. Repeat until you have enough pegs for your tent!

  • Careful with the knife
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Bushscout - Tent Peg completes requirements for the following badges

Beaver - My Outdoors

Cub - Our Skills Challenge

Scout - Survival Skills